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Ääniaalto VII

ÄÄNIAALTO part II 23.–24.9.2022 @Vapaan taiteen tila
Audiovisual performances – the program starts at 18h


ÄÄNIAALTO is an annual sound oriented new media festival. ÄÄNIAALTO spans into multiple days presenting striking sonic oddities in the form of performances, installations, workshops, and open lectures. Throughout its different editions, ÄÄNIAALTO has become a linking platform between emerging promises in the field and established artists. The aim of ÄÄNIAALTO is to create a fluent network in the sonic new media scene of Helsinki and an open culture accessible to anybody interested in learning and engaging with the new media’s practices.


FLUX ISLAND – A direct translation of the word ’Vuosaari’, Flux Island combines the figurative and literal. Flux as in flow of people, ideas, electricity, water, etc. and flux as in the substance used when soldering. Flux Island is a collaboration between Aalto Media Lab, Ääniaalto and Vuotalo culminating in an exhibition, workshops, and audiovisual performances. Flux Island is happening in conjunction with the seventh edition of audiovisual festival ÄÄNIAALTO which will take place at Vuosari on September 2–3 and September 23–24 at Vapaan taiteen tila.


The theme for this year is “ECHO-systems”, to be understood as reflection of energies and pulses in an environment. Delays, different densities, changes in temperature and pressure might create illusions of ECHO-systems. Depending on the assemblages we make, we can enable interaction between each of these parts. How can we create ECHO-systems that highlight communication? How can different ECHO-systems function together enhancing sustainability? The theme could be freely shaped according to the participant’s own vision, inviting audiences to individually explore and create their own narrative hidden in these ECHO-systems.


ÄÄNIAALTO and FLUX ISLAND a free-of-charge events empowered by the voluntary work of DADA ry’s members in collaboration with Aalto University (Aalto Media Lab) and the University of the Arts Helsinki. Aalto Media Lab at the Department of Media at Aalto University offers interdisciplinary studies in the design and production of new media, games, and sound. The mission of the Media Lab is to explore, discover, and comprehend digital technology and its impact on society.
Visual identity: Tamara Tasić https://www.instagram.com/brusnica__/