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Antje Rößeler Trio

Antje Rößeler Trio 
Antje Rößeler (p)
Tuomas Talvi (b)
Teemu Mustonen (dr)
Antje Rößeler is a pianist and composer from Berlin, currently living in Helsinki.
She released two albums as a leader after having finished her „Nordic master of jazz“:
Stockholm Trio“ (Wismart/AJazz) was recorded live at Jazzclub Schlot Berlin in 2018 with Mauritz Agnas (b) , Sebastian Voegler (dr) and Birgitta Flick (sax) as a guest.
Love’s Darknesses“ (GAM music) is a combination of recordings with her Berlin Trio and her Stockholm Trio plus Sanna Ruohoniemi (voc) and again Birgitta Flick as guests.
Both albums are distributed by the finnish label Eclipse music in 2022.
About „Love’s Darknesses“:

„It is not often one hears such musical poetry as that coming from the pen and piano of Antje Rößeler“ (Nils Landgren)

„This album takes you on a journey and never ceases to surprise” (Julia Hülsmann)
About „Stockholm Trio“:

Jazzpodium, Susanne Müller:
Bill Evans and no end.” … ”The pieces are melody-orientated, with a subtle classical touch, but
pack enough bravery that the rich variations can distance themselves from the theme. A certain
hymnic quality, perhaps briefly reminiscent of Keith Jarrett, is in them as well“

BR Jazz-CD-Tipp, Bernhard Jugel:

„The singularity of this album is its mixture of musical sophistication and comforting, playful lightness“