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Bring Your Own Beamer by Kino Club

Welcome to a hangout night with Kino Club, as we open the walls for you in the Free Art Space:

BYOB (bring your own beamer) – everybody is a VJ!


This is a chance for you to show your (mute) video art, make use of all those abstract clips that never find their place in your other works, or just finally try out that life long dream of being a VJ.

Come and meet other artsy geeks for a nice get together, where audience and performers mix and blend into one audiovisual underground landscape.


> Audio performances by Sjors Hoogerdijk, Sampo Wiik and STRÖM

> Bunk-Bed performance by Tangmo


You do not need to apply or sign up, you can just show up to the event with you projector/monitor/laptop/lazer/light show and join for as long as you like. Just pressing play or doing a live performance with your own software; all is welcome and the event is uncurated.

Kino Club will provide a few open projectors for shared use, but please bring you own if you can!


No kaamos, just friends & visuals <3



Saturday February 4, 2023



Free Art Space / Vapaan Taiteen Tila

Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16, 00500 Helsinki



Kino Club is an international, Helsinki-based artist collective, curating thematic screening events and producing video art and exhibitions in Finland since 2017.