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Äänen Lumo All Stars part I: Stefan Thut

Äänen Lumo All Stars part I: Stefan Thut ’un/even and one’ (2015)

8 pm – 10 pm
Vapaan Taiteen tila
Vilhovuorenkuja 15-16, 00500 Helsinki
Free entry.

Stefan Thut: un/even and one (2015)
Ilia Belorukov / Stefan Thut: distance between two

To mark the start of Äänen Lumo’s concert year of 2016 we’re delighted to present a composition by Stefan Thut ’un/even and one’ performed by a great cast:

Ilia Belorukov: alto saxophone
Seidi Guzejev: violin
Lauri Hyvärinen: guitar
Tuukka Haapakorpi: electronics
Stefan Thut: box, playback, movement

On the occasion of the forthcoming CD-release, Stefan Thut – ’un/even and one’ on Intonema, the label co-director and musician Ilia Belorukov and the composer himself will be joined by a group of Finnish colleagues to present the piece at Vapaan Taiteen Tila.
In Thut’s composition the ingredients of a traditional score as directives are taken apart by projecting audio-elements into the space. A performer acts as a cursor in time between audience and instrumentalists comparable to the role of a conductor. But his role is not only to provide frames of time but also to display recorded resonances for the instrumentalists to relate to. The recordings are obtained by the transcription of language (the performers names) into bodily movements to activate formants of cardboardboxes. In an atmosphere of attentiveness and observing the score enables an interdependence of performer, instrumentalists, and place.

In the second performance of the evening, Ilia Belorukov and Stefan Thut meet for the first time as a duo to investigate what they summon as ’distance between two’: two taken as two persons, two sounds, two points in time, two positions in space and more.


This concert is supported by Koneen Säätiö, Musiikin edistämissäätiö and SOkultur, Lotteriefonds Kanton Solothurn.