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“Deep- the musical”

is an original musical that brings to the stage actors, dancers, and puppetry artists from varying cultural backgrounds to explore the deepest depths of the ocean vastly undiscovered.

Why the deep sea? It is said that almost 95% of the deep sea floor is still unexplored and no one knows what is down there and how anything exists or functions. But even from the very limited scientific research done on the deep sea, the life that exists in the depth of the ocean is breathtaking and challenges our understanding of what life is. Most of us agree that the sea is the original source of life itself. If we could somehow understand the deep sea better, there is a chance for us to expand or even transform our perspective on living on this planet. The deep sea also reflects the quest for reaching one’s own deepest self, simultaneously with mankind’s relentless habit to colonize new terrain, however hostile the environment.

A multi-disciplinary working group comes together to use their craft as a site to create, perform and question the environmental, philosophical and political ecology of the deep dark ocean life through the lens of musical theatre.

Working group:

Yuko Takeda (project leader, actor, musician)

Camila Ribeiro (actor)

Tanja Männistö (actor, visual art)

Elina Sarno (actor, puppetry)

Georgina Goater (dancer, choreographer)

Liisa Heikkinen (dancer, choreographer)