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Electroscape – L. A. Emelianoff & M. Decoster

For this performance L.A. Emelianoff has created an instrument for realtime manipulation of sound generated by different permutations of electromagnetic energy.
Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski accompanies her with —— tuned glass objects?

Our ”ecology” is in the synthetic, urban environment, underwater, all around us, an approach that finds sonic form in environmental phenomena. We want to create a rich inner experience for both the audience and ourselves by extending listening to those things that are barely perceptible or audible.

L. Alexis Emelianoff is a sound artist based in Montréal, currently inventing and performing with unique acoustic and electronic musical instruments. Using electricity as a medium, she explores field effects and the possibility of perceptual extension, what she calls ‘liminal audio’.

Alexis and Marianne have collaborated together since May 2012.

Concert will begin at 19:00