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Death by Landscape
Live Performance at 20.30
Free Entrance

Death by Landscape is a duo formed by Joni Judén and Victor Gogly. Their music is a blend of drone, ambient, blues and metal, with an importance given to improvisation, which is the root of their practice, both in the studio and live. Their sound could be described as a soundtrack for ecosystems and their alteration by industrial activity, in search of new sonic rituals.

Their debut EP ”Scorched Belts of the Earth”  was recorded at the TUOTUO residency in Joutsa, and released on the label True Aether in 2023.

The event is part of Lou gallery’s exhibition programme. The performance marks the opening of the group exhibition Energy Scavengers, curated by Remi Vesala & Sara Blosseville, that runs until the summer solstice. Find out more on www.lou.gallery
Poster Design: Victor Gogly