Home Evening of Colombian Music with ”Con Sabor Colombiano”

Evening of Colombian Music with ”Con Sabor Colombiano”

Join us in a Colombian music evening where you will experience a musical journey through different traditional Colombian music styles and rhythm within the sounds of ”Con Sabor Colombiano”.
“Con Sabor Colombiano” are string harpist Nicolas Castañeda Lozano and violinist Pilar Zorro, both native Colombians. They set out to translate Colombian traditional music through nontraditional instrumentation: Llanera Harp and Violin. With the use of contemporary instrumental techniques for these instruments, their goal is to expose Colombian music in a new and exciting way and share it worldwide.

Through its non-traditional instrumentation of Llanera Harp and Violin, ”Con Sabor

Colombiano” presents Colombian music in an innovative way using folkloric elements mixed
with contemporary performance and composition techniques. Their concert programme
includes a wide variety of rhythms and musical styles, adaptations of well-known pieces by
both composers and authors of emblematic works, inviting the listener to journey through

and explore the different sounds of Colombia.

With the support of the Colombian Embassy in Finland,  this program aims to share the Colombian cultural diversity to the Uniarts community and general public in Finland.
Ticket Value:
Free Entry