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Things left in between

🗓️ Vernissage: October 5th, 18:00-21:00

Exhibition open 6.-12.10. 12-18

📍 Venue: Vapaan Taiteen Tila

We invite you to the exhibition “Things left in between,” hosted at @vapaantaiteentila. Delving into the interplay between art, impermanence, and the power of collective creativity, the exhibition is a result of collaborative endeavors by first-year MFA students from The Uniarts Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in the Sculpture and Praxis-Exhibition Studies Program.


Curated by Elif Erdogan and Isabela Hueara, this exhibition features the works of artists Kate Ruck, Tuomas Lehtomaa, Eeva Juuti, Petra Vehviläinen, Amanda Hunt, Priss Niinikoski, and Alves Ludovico.


“Things left in between” is a world that embraces the fluidity of found objects, unstableness, and the limitless potential of collaboration. From sculptures to installations, found objects to handcrafted textiles, tapestry, and performances, this exhibition brings together diverse mediums and techniques. It also brings different perspectives and practices into conversation in one place, with the group members’ interrelationship work at the exhibition’s core: blurring the lines between artist, curator, and spectator.


Themes of overlapping, coalescing, weaving, intertwining, and patchworking run through the exhibition. These themes not only manifest in the art objects themselves but also in the interactions and relationships among the artists. The impermanence of objects and the unfixed nature of art challenge us to question where one’s work ends and another’s begins – mirroring the complexities of our daily lives and relationships. Furthermore, this exhibition is not static; it’s an evolving process.


So, what are the things left in between? Join us not only for the Vernissage but also for the Finissage to witness how the artworks change over a week.