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LM Salling & Felicia Fasanino
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LM Salling & Felicia Fasanino

(we have so much potential)

Ok, so imagine you have a fake fur-coat, yeah? It’s fake, ’cause it’s fake fur, but at the same time its real, you’re wearing it, right? So it’s a real fake fur-coat, let’s call it an authentic fake.

Life is not easily lived, not even for us privileged people. And the chance of feeling slightly fulfilled as a human being, is practically impossible. Zero zen potential. So, basically to survive in the world, (without daily meltdowns), we create these ways of dealing with shit, bubbles, focused interests. We try to surround ourselves with people we think we have something in common with, create groups, collectives. We construct a small understandable world within a bigger not so understandable world. This small world exists, because we created it – an authentic fake.