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ITO is a live act with butoh artist/dancer Frauke and sound artist Riku-Pekka Kellokoski with three performances, each in a different venue. In Vapaan Taiteen Tila also butoh dancer Santeri Vikström performs his piece ”Taivaan tai vaan rako”.

The central theme of the performance is wilderness and our relationship to nature’s instincts, through the birds of prey. The sharp instincts of birds of prey enables them to have an acute awareness. It makes them invisible see-er in the dark. Alight with wildness with a breath of wind and movement of silence. Sailing between worlds – the earthly and unearthly. Listening to voices from above and below. Riding the vortex.

Free entrance

Butoh: Frauke
Music: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski
Video: Milja-Maaria Terho
Costume: Iiris Herttua
Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Photo: ”Frauke” Photographer: Håkan Berg

Frauke is a choreographer with a focus on butoh and performance. She is based in Gothenburg, and also does work internationally. She has created her own genre of Butoh where her works are site specific and unique. Frauke often works with other artists from different artistic disciplines and her performances are inspired by contemporary art and contemporary choreography. During 2017 Frauke is touring internationally with the new production Yama – three bodies. Frauke’s latest production Wolf Moon (2016), was the final part of a trilogy that had its Swedish premiere during Gothenburg Dance & Theatre Festival. Wolf was created and performed in collaboration with electronic musician Andreas Tilliander with performances in Berlin, Gothenburg, Naruto in Japan and Stockholm.


Riku-Pekka Kellokoski is a musician and sound designer based in Helsinki. Combining the sound of acoustic instruments to shimmering synths and field recordings he creates music full of movement and space.


Taivaan tai vaan rako – butoh performance by Santeri Vikström

”Taivaan tai vaan rako” is a performative expedition through a landscape full of mirages, hidden characters, connections, collapsing coulisses and strange brightness.
Dancing the process of life and death by surrendering into the mystery.

Santeri Vikström is a Helsinki based butoh dancer. His work is based on butoh and theatre improvisation, various bodymind-techiniques and a need to unfold the mental
constructs of human being. He has presented butoh performances in many places around the Europe, such as Helsinki, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and so on.