Home Liquid Quartet – CANCELLED due to illness.

Liquid Quartet – CANCELLED due to illness.

Giorgio Convertito, dance, Riikka Ihalainen, dance, Libero Mureddu, keyboards, Moritz Cartheuser, electric guitar.

Liquid is a dance and music performance group focused on re-imagining the relationship between dancers and musicians on stage. The focus of the group is towards emphasizing the musicality of movement and the spatiality of music.
Each performer uses its own trained set of skills, however, dancers strive to think of their dance as music, and musicians to think of their music as movement.
The group works as a band, on a collection of pieces, each of them with a specific identity, yet every time open to improvisation. Through the improvisational process we find markers and a set of instructions that identify the piece, making it always recognizable at every execution.