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INFESTATION (we cannot be repelled)

INFESTATION (we cannot be repelled)



…When they hatch, their new-born sticky wings move against each other, and it makes a sound almost like a wet kiss…


This year’s big Q.U.N.T. x MYÖS event is inspired by the queer nature of bugs, their extreme otherness, the transcendence of metamorphosis, and the collective ways of insects; their hives and nests. This transdisciplinary art party celebrates queer culture, and draws inspiration from club kids and drag artists.


We will have an ongoing costume- and makeup workshop for guests to transform into multi-species hybrids. You can try on new forms, let your creepy alter-ego crawl out. (Costumes are amazing; not obligatory!)


We aim to create a utopian dancefloor, a fun and caring safer space and a sense of community. As a guest at Q.U.N.T. x MYÖS parties, you are a co-creator.


The programme consists of audiovisual installations, sculpture, VJ sets, drag- and dj performances from local artists and the queer community including Abdiqane Dale & Catherine, Blushie, Dj Lovheim, Emmafended, Eliisa Ruusu, Elsa Tölli, Latvusto, Leik Silvestrini, VJ Moody Bitch, ohmydog, Mónica Celeste, Saara Bouzoubaa, Toukka, Unne Nirhamo, Vera Boicova, VituEmo, Xenia Ramm, Anna Pietilä, Kamila Śladowska, and Lennart Creutzburg.





14:30 Latvusto

15:00 Unne Nirhamo bug lecture 15min

15:30 Elsa Tölli poetry reading 15min

16:00 ohmudog live performance 20 min

16:30 Toukka live 30 min

17:00 Creep Crawl 10 min interactive dancefloor

17:15 Pillow Queen (Eliisa Ruusu and Saara Bouzoubaa) 15min

17:30 EnbyBug Leik Silvestrini 15 min

18:00 Creep Crawl 10 min interactive dancefloor

18:15 lola.totoro 30min

18:45 Vikki Lovheim dj set 45min

19:30 Abdiqane Dale & Catherine 45min

20:15 Vera Boicova performance 15min

20:30 Dj VituEmo 45min

21:15 Dj Blushie 45min



VJs: Moody Bitch, Mónica Celeste & Xenia Ramm.

Art installations by Kamila Śladowska, Lennart Creutzburg, Leik Silvestrini & Xenia Ramm.

Costume workshop: Anna Pietilä &  Mónica Celeste


Poster by Nunu Anundi




Q.U.N.T. is the University of the Arts’ student-led queer community, founded in the Spring of 2022.


MYÖS is a Helsinki-based DIY collective, party platform and co-care network for genre-fluid electronic music.


Last year’s collaborative event was titled ’Cyborg Wasteland’.


safer space policy applies

B.Y.O.B, some drinks and snacks available for sell in the kiosk.


We accept donations at the event by Mobilepay or cash.




Any kind of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated in this space. If you see or experience any situation involving harassment or if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact Q.U.N.T. crew immediately. Anyone who threatens another’s safety within the venue will automatically be excluding themselves. We will ask them to leave this space.




If you shoot photos or videos on the event please ask the people who are visible or recognizable if it is ok for them to publish them on social media or anywhere else.




From Vilhonvuorenkuja to the Space for Free Arts (bombmshelter) there is a downhill (8m) covered with cobblestones.

The doorstep is 2,5cm high and the door 127cm wide (it’s also possible to open another door next to this one).

There’s another downhill (20m) inside with concrete floor. On the way down there are two ramps (wide 80cm) going over footsteps (high 13cm). Doorstep to the performance space is 5,5cm high and the door 127cm wide (it’s also possible to open another door next to this one). Doorstep in toilet 3cm and wide of the door 70cm.


Please feel free to contact the crew if you have any worries or questions about the accessibility of the space ( @nunundi ).


This event has loud music and flashing lights. Please consider using earplugs at the event.