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Sound Room VIII

Sound Room VIII

Thursday 3rd of July – 19 – 23 hrs

Third Space spreads its Sound Room to Vapaan Taiteen Tila.
Join us for a night full of contemporary beats.
C-h Lai

Chi-Hsia has a strong interest in expanding her performance experience beyond the conventional instrument playing by integrating aspects of media technology into her performances. Her interactive performance works have been performed and presented in international conferences (NIME, SMC, ACMC) and festivals in Europe, Australia, USA, Japan and Taiwan. In 2010, she was Artist-in-Residence at Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan. Currently, Chi-Hsia resides in Helsinki, and is a doctoral student at the Aalto University.


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Arta & Spells Disaster
By employing live electronics, custom built instruments and graphic tools, they explore the possible relations between sound and visuals created through physical means in digital and analog approaches.
Through simple interactions they produce a series of filtering and modulating the outcoming sounds and visuals through computer and electronics.

http://www.anagutieszca.com/Grimoire (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.anagutieszca.com%2FGrimoire&h=RAQHkswJe&enc=AZMCjSb-0sVP3SbRiZdx24Hqt49psnV3FoP8HNrEyZAP8_jCBXkFeXPnEw9QmcI1apw&s=1)

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Anton Filatov

From the beginning Anton Filatov’s project Wind in Willows gained interest from key blogs and persons: No Fear Of Pop site called him one of the most interesting psychedelic ambient artists of Russian scene, Tiny MixTapes described him as an a post-soviet dark destroyer by a “feel-good music”, and recently Igloo Mag highlighted him as one of the best adherent ”70s synth pioneers” and ”Tangerine Dream”.

Managed to live in Petrozavodsk and Prague and to released tapes in Russia, Japan, US, UK and Finland as a Wind in Willows, Anton Filatov now playing glitchy / dirtydancing / greased electronic music under his own name.

Sound Room

Organise a series of concerts for projects that explores the rich complexities of live sound. In performances that enable art practice, further study and recreation. Sound Room concerts aims to reflect on specific means of sound expression for unclassifiable music.

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