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Suvanne tea ceremony

We sit and contemplate our being together helped by powerful wild tea and live healing sound. Vibes that wash away daily thoughts and issues welcome you, just to be present. Flow of wild leaves in the bowl, cradling frequencies sooth your soul.

Sound by Samuli Sailo from Mysterose Garden and Juho Sarvanko

We thank you for your kind offer € 4+ ( TaiYo 0€)
…and bring your favorite pillow and blanket to be even more comfy!

Sunday 12th 4-6 pm (or even longer)
Bea 0466270860
Tertti 0443519993
Vapaan Taiteen Tila www.vapaantaiteentila.fi
Katri Valan Puisto -park’s shelter in the area of Sörnäinen, Helsinki. The entry is opposite of Vilhonvuorenkuja 16.