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Tunnel + :uni – Live Performance

Tunnel is a duet and a collaboration work between the electronic musician Peter Breitenbach (DE) and saxophonist Marc Vilanova (ESP). They explore the atmospheres produced by the relation between the sounds of each instrument in their own compositions.

:uni is born from the collaboration between Alfredo Ardia and Marc Vilanova started in 2014 in Helsinki. The duo, exploring the sounds of piano and electronics, is focused on the research of relations and connections between the two instruments, treating these as a single instrument. To simply succeed in this intention, simple material is used. On one side the electronic part was made to create continuant sounds ”freezing” the sustain of the piano and its resonances and internal movements. On the other side it creates stochastic pattern based on sine waves that play inside the piano. The digital begin the extensions of the piano, the piano begin the body of the digital, they melt together alternating moment of harmony and contrast.