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Follow the Rhythm of My Heart Before it Melts Like Cheese

Follow the Rhythm of My Heart Before It Melts Like Cheese

Trying to draw a line between two things, putting two words next to each other, looking at something, no wait, look again, wait, be your own AI, putting those things together, twining them with thought thread that resonates, vibrates, ripples, the pulses bubble the blood in your chest, and the air from those bubbles float up your throat and into the skull, where they gestate, grow, and evaporate, before condensing on the relevant parts of your brain.

Condensed in this space is the general questioning of various STUFF: Friendship, intimacy, closeness, farness, physical and digital boundaries.


Ingrid K. Bjørnaali
Lena Schwingshandl
Samuel Thompson-Plant

opening on Wednesday 6:00pm.
with snacks, drinks and performances!

Thursday and Friday’s program TBA.
opening hours 2pm-6pm.

see you love you bye –

Sam is a British artist studying BA Fine Art at Loughborough University, UK, and is currently
undertaking an exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. Through video, text and sculpture,
Sam’s work revolves around the contingent qualities of language and the difficulties of meaning.
This inquiry into meaning, and meaninglessness, has led to an interest in heightened reality, and
attempting to expose qualities within overlooked elements of experience.

Lena is interested in the dynamics of relationships and encounters both on public and intimate level.
Inspired by daily observations and self reflection, she is testing her own borders and the ones of
others. In her work she tries to document these experiences, extensively in form of photography,
video and performances. In her recent works she includes her family members and performs with
them in front of the camera. Thereby she explores the authenticity of the video as well as the effect
of her artistic practice on her personal relationships.

Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali is studying MFA at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and is
currently on exchange in Helsinki at the Taideyliopiston Kuvataideakatemia. She travels through
landscapes by doing physical walks which last for hours or days, or virtual trips in Google Maps.
Through this, she explores the rhythmical patterns in which humans move through their natural
habitat, and how people might relate to physical objects as much as to digital representations of