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Jukka Kääriäinen solo / Libero Mureddu UnCovers #1 feat. Giorgio Convertito.

Jukka Kääriäinen solo / Libero Mureddu UnCovers #1 feat. Giorgio Convertito.

Jukka Kääriäinen’s solo act is an exploration of sounds, timbres and melodies. Jukka uses electric
guitar along array of DIY effect pedals to create a unique sonic world which range from intense
and harsh noise to beautiful floating atmospheres.
‘In my solo acts I aim for polyphony of extraordinary sounds which I create with electric guitar,
effect pedals and extended playing techniques. These unconventional sounds are the material
which I use to build live compositions. I remember always been fascinated by instrumentalists who
have pushed the boundaries with their otherworldly sounds and creating powerful atmospheres.’
UnCovers #1 is the first realisation of Libero Mureddu's long-time interest in working with popular
music materials within a free improvisation context. 'Despite my current main activity as an
improviser, since my late teenage years I have worked regularly with pop-related music, as a
keyboard player in various hip-hop groups, realising radio commercials and later working as
composer and arranger with various Italian pop artists. I still enjoy listening to pop music.
However, I relisten to the music of my youth with different ears, I smile at some obvious
idiosyncrasies that only time can reveal, and I can find online information that wasn’t easily
available in the early 90ies. This is to say that my interest in this music is not based on exploring
some exotic material I am not familiar with, or to (ab)use 'low' music by performing it in a 'high'
artistic context. This project is rather an act of respect and love for certain pop songs I love,
admire, and grow up with, and the wish to perform them in a way that is coherent with my
current musical interests'.
Libero Mureddu and dancer and choreographer Giorgio Convertito have explored the idea of
performing pop songs as encores during the performances of the Liquid Quartet, and recently in a
pop-up duo performance. This experience has naturally evolved in the idea of working together
for the first implementation of this project.

Jukka Kääriäinen
Jukka Kääriäinen is a musician and sound artist based in Helsinki Finland. Jukka is specialized in the
field of experimental music and arts and has been active performer in the Finnish scene of
improvised and contemporary music. He has collaborated with musicians such as Teppo Hauta-
Aho, Kalle Kalima, Harri Sjöström, Emilio Gordoa, Mikko Innanen and Paul Pignon and premiered
pieces by composers such as Sebastian Hilli, Sami Klemola, Clara de Asis and Leo Dupleix. Jukka has
played on several recordings from which the latest are Winter Suite by Duo Teppo Hauta-aho &
Jukka Kääriäinen (Creative Sources), Meeting by Kalmisto Trio (Karkia Mistake) and the first solo
album Demoiselle (Art First Records).

Libero Mureddu
He has studied Composition at the Conservatory "G. Verdi" of Milan and Music Technology at the
Centre for Music and Techology, Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. He is currently doing his artistic
doctorate at the MuTri doctoral school at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.
A versatile musician, during the past twenty years his musical experiences extended from
contemporary and experimental music, to jazz and popular music.

Active pianist and keyboard player in the field of jazz and improvised music, with long-standing
collaborations in the Italian scene with Giovanni Falzone, the Chant Trio (with drummer Cristiano
Calcagnile and bassist Antonio Borghini). With these groups he has played in numerous jazz
festivals, in Italy and Europe (among others Clusone, Barga, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen).
Since 2003 his artistic activity is mostly based in Finland, with the dance and music collective
Liquid, the Korvat auki ensemble and the Mureddu://:Cartheuser duo, among many others. In
2017 he has begun performing in Finland in various groups led by Berlin-based Finnish saxophonist
Harri Sjöström, with vibraphonist Emilio Gordoa, guitarist Jukka Kääriäinen, bassists Teppo Auta-
aho and Matthias Bauer, drummers Janne Tuomi and Dag Magnus Narvesen among the others.
Since 2018 he divides his activity between Helsinki and Berlin, where he is active in the local
improvised-music scene.
As a composer his main interests are in the fields of algorithmic composition and the exploration
of the connection between written composition and improvisation.
Since 2009 Libero Mureddu is the general manager of the NYKY Ensemble, the contemporary
music ensemble of the Sibelius Academy.

Giorgio Convertito
I am an italian dancer and dance maker based in Helsinki, Finland. I hold a BA in dance and
choreography, from the School for New Dance Development, a department of the Amsterdam
Theaterschool and have worked since 1993 as a dancer and a choreographer around Europe.
My views on dance and performance in general, are mainly shaped by the encounters with Susan
Rethorst, Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton and Micheal Klein. Also Body Mind Centering, Alexander
technique and contact improvisation have played major roles in defining my approach on
movement, both as a performer and a teacher.
Improvisation has been my main interest and influence in my work and it has been part of many of
the projects I have been involved throughout my career, making me one of the leading figure in
the improvisation scene in Helsinki.
For instance I am one of the co-founder of the group RIO – Real Time Orchestra, which focused its
activity on practice, research and performance of instant composition between 2003 and 2009.
Since January 2006 I have been organizing and curating The Helsinki Meeting Point, a
multidisciplinary improvisation event whose main purpose is to cultivate unlimited free
improvisation in Helsinki. I am also the founder and artistic leader of Liquid Quartet, a dance and
music improvisation ensemble focused on re-imagining the relationship between dancers and
musicians on stage. The group consisting of two dancers and two musicians is active since 2013.