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weS.A.N.K. Deep Stage As

weS.A.N.K. ”Deep Stage As…”

or 158 prototypes of the stage of the future

by Vincent Roumagnac and Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou + Guests

14.11 – 18.11

From 3 pm to 9 pm

Installation (come and go as you wish)

Free entry

Staged/Installed outcome of the two-year research project weS.A.N.K. (Speculative Architecture of Neganthroposcenic Kronotopias).

Second and last examined part of Vincent Roumagnac’s artistic research doctorate (Tutke/Performing Arts Research Centre – Uniarts Helsinki).

The weSANK research project emerged from director-researcher Vincent Roumagnac’s dialogue with architect-researcher Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou on the encounter of scenic thinking and proto-architecture. Together they have designed and implemented a two-year experimental project on ”prototypes of the stage of the future”. Via five collaborative sessions, in Tokyo, Paris, Helsinki, Barcelona and Daegu, the project convenors, together with artists and architects invited locally, initiated the performative design and production, and the critical discussion, of those prototypes. From general themes – including big data and post-industrial landscapes, dystopian narratives and daily rituals, networks, climate, memory, energy and affect – the spontaneous conceptualization and manufacture of prototypes sought to explore techno-sensitive and geographical conditions and, within them, the seizing and coalescing physical and informational objects, within a scenic/performative dimension. weSANK ”Deep Stage As…” is the final staging of the whole project.

More info on the project: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/437855/437856

More info on thedoctoral research: http://www.uniarts.fi/vincent-roumagnac