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TechnoDaddy’s Dreams

‘TechnoDaddy’s Dreams’ is the third part of the performance series ‘Dear BioDaddy…’ by Stefanía Ólafsdóttir (Organic Matter for the Moon (OMftM)), which they are developing as a part of their masters project in Live Art & Performance Studies.

The performance: 30.03.2023 at 8pm.


 Welcome to a dripping wet dive into familial memory archives, the colonial histories of techno-fertilisation and the biopolitics of capitalising on bodily fluids. A performance lecture which decomposes into incestuous fictioning of ecosexual utopias and proposes a pilgrimage to inseminate the islands of the Earth in search of expanded kinships; An ode to anti-functionial functionality and miracles.

Occupied by concerns for xenofeminist thinking, post-human dreaming and queer fictioning OMftM delve into their personal histories to (dis?)entangle the forms of (re)productive labour which make their being possible.

Picture by Nayara Leite.