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Who’s Your (Techno)Mummy?

Performance on April 21st, probably at seven pm.

Organic Matter for the Moon (OMftM) (Stefanía Ólafsdóttir) – Who’s Your (Techno)Mummy? A dripping wet dive into familial memory archives, the colonial histories of techno-fertilisation and the biopolitics of capitalising on bodily fluids; A performance lecture which decomposes into incestuous fictioning of ecosexual utopias and proposes a pilgrimage to inseminate the islands of the Earth in search of expanded kinships; An ode to anti-functionial functionality and miracles. As an interdisciplinary artist working with water as my point of departure, I am starting to dive into the material and political implications of bodily fluids, moving towards a larger consideration of biopolitics. I see a future in which we will have to radically rethink our relationship to nature and our place in her theatre, now that the stage is crumbling. I want to play with this future, to fiction and daydream myself into new possibilities, new kinships. Occupying my praxis are concerns for xenofeminist thinking, post-human dreaming and queer fictioning as I delve into my personal herstory and (dis?)entangle the forms of (re)productive labour which make my being possible.



Picture by Nayara Leite.