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In Paradis – “It has always been too late for you”

There would be colonies ; the colonies out of a dream ;
pushed out of the round ; you keep holding the other’s hands
but they let you go already ; you are on the edge and you can never get back

It has always been too late for you

You are not one of the 6%
No you are not

They are turning now faster and stronger
and faster and stronger

Muscles are so hard
There is no way in
Hard like concrete, metal, wood
They are not flesh anymore
Gone so much further

Remember this dream : remember, my love

Remember this dream



An investigation, a speculation on Transhumanism state regarding both its temporality and affects.
An all environment will be displayed in Free Art Space; a world of forms, images and lights moved and activated live through performance.
With Flora Bouteille, Océane Bruel & Swan Gautier.


19:00 – 22:00