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APINA – Music for Humans & Primates

APINA’s first edition will be held at Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Vilhovuorenkuja, 16, Helsinki.) 30.05.2015 at 20:00 hours.

Line up:
Phillip White (US)
Marko Timlin (FI)
Lauri Hyvärinen (FI)

Philip White (New York, USA) will perform a refraction of his ongoing work Documents for solo electronics. Documents is a piece about intuition and the recursive influences inherent in memory. For this specific iteration he will address Debussey (in broad strokes) and Miles Davis’s/Bill Evans Flamenco Sketches through the filter of post Tudor feedback systems.

Marko Timlin (Helsinki, FI) will perform his latest work partikeleiden pyry for solo Sound-Disk-Machine. The Sound-Disk-Machine is a photo-electronic musical instrument made by Marko Timlin. It transforms light into sound and is based on Evgeny Sholpo’s “Variophone”. partikeleiden pyry resembles the life cycle of living organisms: they come to life, grow steadily, reach their peak and finally decay leaving fading traces of their existence behind them.

Lauri Hyvärinen (Helsinki, FI) plays a prepared acoustic guitar. His work balances between a general cynicism towards freely improvised music and yet a naive optimism towards searching for one’s “own voice” through the archaic action of instrument-playing – whatever that might mean.

*** Tickets are 5€. All profits go to the performing artists. ***
Free entry for students of the University of Arts.


APINA festival is a collaboration between A…. Silent. Room… & Sound Room.