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How to Survive Kaamos

‘How to survive kaamos’
I will be late
just spent my whole life waiting for spring
‘​How to survive kaamos​’ questions existence in the darkest period of the year, where things appear to be dead and cold, but are actually temporarily at rest. With an enhancement on performativity, storytelling and participatory practices, the show explores the idea of taking shelter. A dialogue is gradually developing throughout the time the artists and visitors spend together. During the last days of winter, everybody is welcome to take part in this shared experience.
Artists:​ ​Hannah Bohnen (DE), Ódhran Cadwell (IE), Joe Clark (UK), Teresa Hildebrandt (DE), Martin Huber (DE), Cecar Kaci (FR), Tilly Morris (IE), Lin Chih Tung (TW), Kaisa Maasik (EE), Ragnar Rael (PH), Tanja Silvestrini (NO), Valentine Smets (BE), Mathilde Tufféry (FR)
Open daily from 11.00-18.00 during 18-20 March 2019. Entrance is free of charge. Vapaan Taiteen Tila / Space for Free Arts (Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16, Helsinki)
Opening on Monday at 18.00 and finissage on Wednesday at 16.00. Noon club every day at 12.00.