The idea of instrumental interpretation on electroacoustic pieces has been highly developed under the subject Music Heuristics, introduced by composer Ricardo Mandolini within the curricula of music studies at the University of Lille III in France, and at the University of Tres De Febrero in Argentina. Over the last two years, I have introduced the idea of instrumental interpretation on electroacoustic pieces as a workshop in different music schools in Europe and South America. Among them are the Musicology department of the University of Helsinki, the alternative Helsinki music school Laponia Improvisations, the Javeriana University, and the University of Caldas in Colombia.

Turenas (1972) and Phoné (1980-1981) by John Chowning, are very two significant works of the electroacoustic music repertoire of the 20th century. Furthermore, the sonic and formal characteristics of these works, permit a group of diverse musicians to achieve certain goals, and to recreate their acousmatic essence through a live performance. All this, highlights the pedagogical importance that the piece has in this workshop.

The main goals of this workshop are: 1) Finding an interaction between acoustic and electronic musicians; 2) Exploring performative approaches on acousmatic pieces; 3) Stimulating creativity within music interpretation; 4) Encouraging the musicians to explore their instruments and to reproduce complex sonic features; and 5) Presenting a live performance.