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Problems are corrigible

Performance by Boyon Kang (KR) & Otto Byström (FI)

the 8th of December
Free Art Space
Vilhovuorenkuja 16


Got some problems? Feel like to ‘solve’ it out?
Hey, better to give up NOW, cause PROBLEMS ARE CORRIGIBLE, baby!

Learn ‘easy, simple and effortless technics’ in yoga-doer-mindset.

Dress up formally, just like a business orientated human, a.k.a ‘business man(and woman)’.
A person dressed up with ironed fine-organic-cotton-white-shirts and a pair of silk trousers, preferably dark colour, would look quite ‘serious’. And this makes things easier to perform in life sometimes. Whatever rituals you do in daily, equipping such a proper armour is the most crucial preparation at this modern era. And now “breath in”.

Try to adapt an attitude of ‘perfectness’ for a while. And then take lumps of clay. Yes, the ‘wet clay’.

Since all things are wet in the beginning, it is relevant to have virgin clay to take a lump to put upon, Oh, hold on… Actually, you must to have ‘problems’ in your life above all. Perhaps having a problem is relatively frequent than having virgin clay at one’s home in these days? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. Cause we’ve got tenements of clay and man toes up and turns to clay anyways.

“Breath out and inhale”.

At this moment, we take a duo format to set a certain mentality. Duo is the most problematic settings in human relations since one starts to realise qualities in life therefore one must start to compare each other. We reflect problems upon each other. And “exhale”.

As a duo, we do yoga. It becomes problematic since we are not professionals.
Mainly, ‘Downward-facing dog style’ is our ‘position’ to take at this moment. Put a lump of clay upon problematic spots while doing this. When things get heavier, you will feel the power of doing it actually. Then remember, “you are only a human”. And repeat it several times.

While regardless of various kinds of problems you’ve got, you will realise that (whatever) problems are ‘corrigible’.