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SBR (US), Per Åhlund (SE), HUR HUR (FI)

Kokeellinen musiikki-ilta, jonka henki liikkuu jossain apocalyptisen ritualismin, noisen, elektroakustisuuden, arkaaisen psykedelian ja improvisaation rajamaailmassa.

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Taiwaskivi – Halo Manash film screening

21.30 Hur Hur (FI), Live

22.15 SBR (US), Live

23.00 Per Åhlund & Sarah R Brady (SE/US), Live

SBR (US), Sarah Rosalena Brady creates compositions which conjure environments of sound and vision to create a world of ritual and magic. She invokes dark ambient atmospheres from electric violin, synthesizers and various sound sources. Her sonic palette straddles the barriers of electroacoustic improvisation, chamber music, and noise. These aural landscapes are accompanied by her films which are parallel visions of space, time and light.
Her films have been screened in numerous experimental film festivals in the USA, most recently at Crossroads Film Festival.
She is involved with various projects and is a member of the dark chamber ensemble Amber Asylum.


Per Åhlund (SE), b. 1976, resides in Stockholm, Sweden where he’s involved in several experimental music-, improvisation- and sound art-projects. His live soundscapes blur the boundaries between noise and music, stillness and hysteria, darkness and light. He creates compositions on the verge of dissolving and focuses on mood and texture rather than tonality and rhythm.He performs live on a regular basis and has the last few years toured with acts like Amber Asylum, ?Alos, b°tong and Origami Galaktika. He has released several full length albums containing abstract, dark soundscapes with such projects as Diskrepant, Skare and Aum Arrhythmia.Live he use contact microphones, gadgets, loops and effects to form abstract sound environments created in the moment. His live performances are often based on old radios, voice, newly found objects and junk used as instruments.


Hur Hur (FI), is a solo music project by Timo Viialainen, featuring instruments such as hurdy gurdy, acoustic/electric guitar, trombone and different percussions & bells. The compositions combine looping and processing the sound of these instruments to form a backing material for improvised live performance. The result could be described as cinematic/cathartic ritual with the aim to create a powerful and psychedelic outcome. The influences of the project lie in the field of apocalyptic folk, primitive shamanistic music, electroacoustic experiments, drone, noise & punk.