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Work It Out is a five-day workshop event that evolves around questions about showing/performing contemporary art. Different approaches and questions are tested in practice through collective work. Before each working session there will be an introduction/presentation for stimulating the appearance of the works in time and space. The focus of the workshop will be on the question of what defines the meaning of the artwork/act: is it time, space or other works around it? Is it the artist, curator, institution or the audience who dominates it?

The invited presenters are artist Diego Agulló, curator Clare Butcher, choreographer and artist Maija Hirvanen and curators/organizers from One Night Only gallery.


Clare Butcher, 30th of October 10am-12am
Maija Hirvanen, 31st of October 10am-12am
One Night Only, 1st of November 10am-12am
Diego Agulló, 2nd of November 10am-12am

Each participant brings their own artwork/act in the workshop. The aim is to make connections between the different practices and search for new ways of presenting/performing/showing performing arts and contemporary art, so the works participating can be diverse.

There will be a publication done of the workshop based on the questions and situations that emerged in the process.

A free lunch will be served every day.

Technical details:

Place: Free Art Space and its surroundings
Katariinankatu 3, Helsinki
Time: 30th of October – 3rd of November 10am – 6pm
For whom: Artists studying in The University of the Arts Helsinki and other inrested

Work It Out is organized by Saara Hannus, Satu Herrala, Miina Hujala and Jussi Koitela. Supported by University of the Arts Helsinki.


Diego Agulló (Madrid, 1980) presses fresh orange juice every morning.

On 1998, having a background in football, Tae Kwon Do and Rock music he studied for 6 years philosophy at the university in Madrid, where he focused his research on the interferences between arts and philosophy. During that time he practiced music improvisation, sculpture and painting. He is co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project for musical improvisation.

On 2005 he moved to Berlin where he started working with video as a freelance artist and 2 years later as a performance maker after a fortuitous and inevitable encounter with choreography.

Diego´s main practice is the game of dilettantism that he also applies through his work traversing disciplines and passing through different medias such as choreography, performance art, participatory events, sound installations, texts, films, photography, workshops…

Since 2007, Diego organizes the event CUE, a long term project based on the paradoxical question of how to organize the unexpected? . CUE has been activated in around 70 editions in different cities in Europe.

Currently Diego is working on the following projects: The Humping Pact, The Circles of the Dragon Video Series and the essay on dilettantism The Mischievous Mission that will published at the end of the year. He teaches Crossing Boundaries studies at Smash Berlin Intensive Program.
It´s now or never. Day by day.”


Clare Butcher (1985, Harare, Zimbabwe) is a curator and writer who cooks. She is currently teaching in Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and a member of the School of Missing Studies, MFA programme at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Recently she completed her MFA at the Centre for Curating the Archive, University of Cape Town, South Africa during which time she initiated the Annex Residency Programme in collaboration with the South African National Gallery. Clare completed the de Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam in 2009.

Choreographer and artist Maija Hirvanen’s works have been presented in festivals and venues internationally and in Finland. Her latest works include Operation We stage work trilogy 2011-2014 and a walking performance
concept Walkapolis. Hirvanen has participated as an invited artist in a number of international artist laboratories, most lately the Flying Circus Project in Burma & Singapore and a joint 3 year project of eight European performing arts festivals, Global City – Local City. Zodiak – the Center for New Dance in Helsinki has invited Hirvanen to be their house choreographer 2013-2015.”


One Night Only Gallery (ONO) was established in january 2008. ONO is run by Mohammed Fadlabi, Tito Frey, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Andreas Hald Oxenvad and Erlend Grytbakk Wold. Every Monday night for four years we have opened a new exhibition. And as the name suggests, the duration of the show is one night. ONO is – with a continuous and repetitive format every Monday night
– an established platform on Oslo’s art scene. Since September 2010, we have based our program at UKS (Young Artist’s Society’s) premises. With a direct and dynamic attitude in relation to the presentation of works, often straight from the studio, we constitute a connection between emerging artists and the audience as well as exposing the work to curators and collectors. The exhibition space is a social space, and ONO is a gathering
place for young artists. Every Monday we cook and serve free food for you to enjoy while hanging out and discussing the show. ONO started as a student initiative and originally organized exhibitions at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in St. Olavsgate.”