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Xenia Ramm graduation performance

There is a tower by the sea. An artist is in a pocket of the tower, works, lives in the tower, is still in the tower. The tower speaks, the artist listens. In the night, when the tower is silent, the artist sings and the tower listens. In the night, when the tower is silent, the artist can hear the sea in her pocket.

The Silence of Sea Tower is an auto fictional, site-specific sound art piece, painting a sonic portrait of a building and the liminal aural space between its inhabitants.
8 months of recordings, of the silence and noises in the artist’s studio, is released on cassette tape. The work situates itself somewhere between ambient noise music, field recording-soundscape and conceptual spatial art, curating an experience of a place and allowing that place to be experienced anywhere the audience takes it.
The Silence of Sea Tower is performed live at this release event as the performance iteration Narrative Noise, incorporating elements of storytelling. The composition is deconstructed to create new, live collages of sound effects, played by an orchestra of ghetto blasters each adding their own mechanical sounds and characteristics to the mix.
This event is the self-organised graduation show of Time & Space student Xenia Ramm (b. 1989 in Copenhagen), for her master’s thesis project at the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki. The Silence of Sea Tower is her first audio release, the tape can be purchased at the event.


Thank you to thesis supervisors Ava Imogen Grayson and Aune Kallinen.